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Janet E. Smith, Ph.D. 

Janet E. Smith is the author of several books and many articles on Humanae Vitae and the Church’s teachings on marriage. She served three terms as a consulter to the Pontifical Council on the Family and has received two honorary doctorates and several other awards for scholarship and service.   

More than two million copies of her talk, “Contraception: Why Not” have been distributed.   

The Family as a Path to Holiness — There is much talk in our culture about “family values” without us much knowing what these values are and why they are important. Virtually every culture has realized that the family is essential to the well-being of individuals and of the whole of society. Why? When people become parents they must grow-up; they must become more generous, selfless, mature, disciplined, etc. That is, one major purpose of children is to make adults of their parents. The virtues needed to sustain a happy and somewhat sane household are those that our culture needs. This talk will help parents realize the importance of their vocation and provide some insight into how to do it well. 

Just Follow Your Conscience? — Many couples have been told in reference to contraception that they should just follow their consciences. It is true that we should ALWAYS follow our conscience; but what is the conscience? How does one form it correctly? Is the teaching of Humanae Vitae infallible?

The Spectacular Journey from Genesis to Humanae Vitae

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