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Damon Owens 

Damon Owens is the founder and executive director of joytob. Through joytob, Damon keeps a full international speaking schedule at conferences, marriage seminars, universities, high schools, seminaries and parishes on the good news of marriage, sexuality, Theology of the Body, Theology of the Family, adoption and NFP. 


The Munus of Marriage: On Matrimony and Patrimony — Though “munus” appears 248 times throughout the documents of Vatican II, few have heard of this richly Catholic word that uniquely informs our understanding of the divine meaning of marriage as a God-given honor, office, vocation, task, duty, role, mission of woman to motherhood (matrimony) and man to fatherhood (patrimony). It is time to rediscover this crucial link of marriage to God’s entire plan of Salvation. 


A Family of Faith: Love School K-12 — How do we parents grow in love as the “primary educators” of life and love for our children? How is love “taught”? Building on a theology of the family, there are complementary yet distinct roles within the family that are ordered toward building a community of love. Personal testimony as a father of eight (seven daughters, one son) and married for 24 years is infused with some of the most beautiful theological developments of Pope St. John Paul II.

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