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Christopher West 

Christopher West is a proud husband and father of five. His global lecturing, best-selling books and multiple audio and video programs have made him the world’s most recognized teacher of John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” – a bold, biblical vision of love and sexuality that takes us to the “cor” of what it means to be human. He is the founder and president of The Cor Project, an international outreach devoted to spreading this liberating teaching and empowering others to learn, live, and share it.  

From Humanae Vitae  to Theology of the Body to the New Evangelization — Today’s sexual chaos and gender confusion is the bad fruit of yesterday’s embrace of contraception.  Join Christopher West as he unfolds the path from Blessed Pope Paul VI’s controversial encyclical to St. John Paul II’s extensive explanation of it and learn how the Theology of the Body provides the language and the vision necessary for the success of the New Evangelization. 

From Humanae Vitae to Theology of the Body to the New Evangelization — This is a continuation of the  main talk with the same name. 

Love Is Patient, But I’m Not — Christopher West candidly shares “the confessions of a recovering perfectionist” and learns with the help of his wife that saints are not perfect people; they are people who know they are perfectly loved in all their imperfections. Be inspired about the importance of self-reflection to our growth in being able to be a self-gift to others. 



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